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Rules of content creation

When it comes to article submission, on your website or elsewhere, there are several main reasons as to why you need to employ a good quality article writer.

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Quality - The grammar and spelling in a quality article is of paramount importance. If the article is riddled with grammatical inconsitencies and spelling errors, not only will it be hard to read, but search engines will lower the value of your content pages also, as the ease of reading is a key indicator in advanced search algorithms.

Subject - Targeting the correct readership audience and demographic, means that you will have to deliver the article in the correct writing style and level of technical or informative depth, in order to captivate and hold the interest of the defined readership.

Optimisation - Equally you will want your content to hold an audience and to possibly be shared also, so on page structured quality and content quality is key. The content page code structure of each content article will need to be optimised in order to provide search engines with the data they need to be able to rank the article pages well.

Latent Semantic Indexing - Speaking in general terms, this is when an article or content is optimised to be found over a wide range of attributes relating to the core subject. For example if a person was searching for gym weights, they may also be interested in barbells, dumbells, weight plates, weight holders, weight clips, weight lifting gloves, weightlifting belts, iron weight plates, shoulder press and so on.

This is classified as Latent Semantic Indexing, LSI for short. A good SEO company article writer will know how to generate a good list of LSI search terms that can usefully be utilized in customizable content for websites, or content for articles providing useful client information.

In the new climate of duplicate content, it is imperative that you generate quality original text. As explained, the way the content is served to the reader AND the search engines are critical in engineering better visibility and readership loyalty.