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Search Engine Management

the art of seo
SEO is like playing a computer game.....a very big computer game!

When you get into the weeds of how google works internally and what the google algorithm looks for, in the process of acquiring a top 3 slot for any given keyword or phrase, it becomes a fascinating task.

If you have a company that has a website, which you needed in that top 3 position yesterday, then you won't have 15 years of industry experience to wait in order to acquire the neccessary skills and knowledge (which incidentally cannot be found in it's entirety by searching on google itself) to attain that prime position to boost business sale revenues.

Yes it is like playing a big computer game, but in order to monitor and have all required tools to hand you will require in the order of 25 windows to open when you start up your computer browser and a good spread of paid for downloadable software to mitigate risk and manage competition. In addition you will need a team of network agents operating on your behalf and a dedicated workforce of perhaps 2 people to manage the workload for your website/s.

This will include amongst other things:

social media update and monitoring
interactive media installation
web based visibility networks
competitor analysis
website function and performance
useful article compilation and handling
on page fundamentals

When all that is completed, you then have to ensure your website actually converts, so you will need to analyse client funnel and behavioural statistics....and so on.

As you can see there are a lot of variables to be thinking of than simply rushing out and buying a lot of low grade backlinks and waiting for something to happen, in a nutshell, you'll be waiting a long time.