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Digby Associates SEO and Social Media Ads Proposal

Proposal presented by: Wide World Website Design

Digby Associates SEO and Social Media Ads Proposal

Where Your Website Is Right Now

The Organic SEO Search Engine Optimization that we would be doing for you is essentially an evolving and on-going long-term project, as your competition will also have, or likely will employ SEO to increase their own website visibility in similar online search results. It may take 3 to 5 months before your website will gain traction in the top three results for multiple 'high-value search terms'. There is much more we can do in time, to ensure your website becomes the lead-generating powerhouse we would all like to see. We will select a good spread of relevant keywords and phrases appended to your website; there are a significant number of other companies in your sector that have been running similar websites for some years. Our aim is to eventually get in front of these businesses, especially locally (initially), and access the revenue by converting business through website-based enquiries and achieve higher business conversion rates. e.g. people choose your business as the first choice in the local and wider areas.

Combined Solution To Revenue Generation; Social Media Advertising

Whilst we are working on the long-term organic ranking, building quality ranking power into your website structure. You might consider the possibility of a Paid Advertising Campaign. Depending on landing page conversion rates, we would estimate that from the 50 clicks you should get per month, around 25% should/could be firm leads who will call or email you, and depending on how you are at closing them, you should/could receive at least 13 closures. Based on the average order values in your industry, your profits on these sales alone will be more than enough to cover your marketing costs for our services. We would be using the Facebook Targeted Paid Advertising platform; in fact, a huge number of businesses globally use this platform to power their revenue generation as the standard form of internet marketing. You may ask why, the main explanation is below. Our aim will be to initially create landing pages for each high return/profit service that you provide. Then using the data from the Facebook Ads application, ascertain the conversion statistics for each landing page. Once we are confident of a Good Conversion Rate, we can then look to incrementally increase Ad Spend once given approval to do so. Example: So we will know that your website/pages have a factor of 10X conversion and so for every £1 Ad spend, your website will be 'known' to generate £10.00. So when scaled up; in this basic example, £1 million is spent on advertising, a guarantee of a £10 million gross profit minus the £1 million Ad Spend can be guaranteed, resulting in £9 million pre-tax, pre expense 'profit'. This is known in the advertising industry as 10 X'ing ("Ten Ex ing") your businesses pre tax profits. We would possibly look to quote at the lower scale end of Ad Spend. Our main objective (with sufficient data to analyse) will be to create and then ascertain landing page performance (Conversion Rate and ROI Return on Investment), on your website and within the Facebook Ad application, for their ability to convert business. Once we know what each page converts for the highest value (profits/returns) services you offer, we can then and only then, start to 10 'X' the advertising spend (with your granted authority) with a great level of 'conversion confidence', generate roughly ten times your gross profit margin from online marketing alone. Once conversion data is known it is possible to scale over ten times, depending on the scalability or scaling capacity of your business.

Paid Ad campaigns, Our Approach

We will need to ascertain some current sales data and client frequency data from you to tailor a potentially more accurate monthly spend estimation for advertising which would reflect the 5 - 7 Years Funds Under Management Goal of £1 Billion. Then Upon agreement: We will configure and start your Facebook Ads PayPerClick (PPC) campaigns. We always ask that you allow up to three months for your campaigns to run before a significant Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) and Cost Per Customer Acquisition is realized. We can usually see good progression after month one. This is normal because the Facebook Ads application will have limited traffic data for your website at this early stage. Once we have started to gather useful data, the CPC's (Cost Per Click) will reduce and at the same time, your returns will increase. We are confident of getting great results for you. Important: All advertising expenditure will be provided by you as the client/business owner and through your Business Social Media account, as this is the only ethical way to structure advertising expenditure, data collection and historical data retention. We will only request a fixed service charge or management fee for serving/designing the advertising campaign, collating and analyzing the resultant data to meet the aforementioned 5 - 7 Years Funds Under Management Goal of £1 Billion.

Category Specific Landing Pages

As part of the overall Facebook Ad Campaigns, we would need to build out landing pages which would be highly focused on the keywords/phrases to be used. This is how we obtain better Cost Per Customer Acquisition rates, as the quality and specificity of the landing pages is vital. Also, we use different landing pages in the same categories to perform A/B Split Testing (display slightly different pages to website visitors), so we can use the gathered analytics and data to find out which pages are performing the best for business conversion, and structure each page for optimum business conversion.

Competitors Review

To improve performance, efficiency and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) we also need to review/analyse your competitor websites, to find out how they are investing and their behaviour on the various platforms.


Initial Activities: Facebook Campaign Creation - Custom Adverts; Awareness, Consideration, Conversion Awareness - Increase NEW and existing client database for future outreach, for offers, products, newsletters (we need to create, improve or increase the client business biosphere by measured interaction; improving business profile) Create approximately 10 Category Specific landing pages e.g Life Insurance, Keyman Insurance, Financial Planning etc Facebook Ads Management Google Analytics - Extrapolation of existing data, website visitor behavioural analysis. Ascertain USPs Current Website Updates, USPs and Upgrades to increase on page conversions Current Website structure for alternative geographical locations (sub domain structure) Reinstate the GDPR Cookie Consent Software Optimizing: Split test Facebook advert style, tone of language etc Monitor data for Conversion Level/s, Cost Per Customer Acquisition, Re-Targeting Search engine on page and off page improvements and changes Analyzing: Cross reference visitor behaviours with website changes in place and optimize accordingly Organic Search: Ongoing optimization for locations Reporting: Sending structured report from Facebook Ad Dashboard whilst advising on changes we can make Structured reporting for Organic search and Place Pages (GMB listings) in search engines whilst advising on changes we can make

Estimated Timeline:

June 2023 - June 2024

Initial Activities
3 - 4 weeks
4 - 7 weeks
7 - 8 weeks
Organic Search
1 - 52 wks ongoing
4 - 52 wks ongoing

Your Investment

If you have any questions about the services we have proposed, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. Please bear in mind that our aim is to consistently Ten Times Multiply (or 10X) your gross online revenue in order to realize your 5-7 years Funds under management £1 Billion Target as stated in your questionnaire. Overview of Cost Breakdown: The Facebook Ads industry standard set for min Monthly recurring Management Service Charge is: £199.00 The Facebook Ads industry standard set for Monthly recurring account Ad Spend (set to minimum) is: £199.00 Monthly Search Engine Optimization recurring Fee: £149.00 Initial Campaign Creation: One Time Fee Creation of Category Specific Landing Pages: One Time Fee (See Table Below For Initial Cost and Breakdown) Initial Set-up Cost: £715.00 Monthly Recurring Cost: £547.00 Also we do need to ask you the following questions (as we use a formula) to more finely tailor your ad budget to suit your target lead (number of leads acquired monthly) volume and to achieve your outlined aforementioned fiscal goals: - Average Net value of services you offer - How many times does a client spend with you - Lifetime customer value - What are you prepared to pay per client lead (assuming that lead will convert) - Current conversion rate for enquiries web/phone/email - Monthly customer target number (to achieve 5 - 7 Years Funds Under Management Goal of £1 Billion)

Initial Campaign Creation
Ads Management Monthly Service Charge
Create approximately 10 Category Specific landing pages
Projected Monthly Ad Spend (estimated, likely be increased)
Monthly Search Engine Optimization Fee

Total: 715

Approve Proposal

If you would like to join us and become a client then we’d be delighted to have you.

To Accept, Type Your Full Name Below

The business marketplace is ever changing and evolving, even the best entrepreneurs outsource specialist work. You cannot easily do everything yourself. Our SEO Agency in Bath Somerset, is one you can trust and rely on for results.

Ads Campaign Creation: This is the initial set-up of the campaigns, this is a one-off cost.

Conversion Management: We recommend that you have back office structure in place which will allow you to handle increasing levels of business enquiries immediately as they come through, and this service will allow a high conversion of client enquiries. Correct and friendly engagement with prospective clients to convert and generate positive customer reviews and feedback, which will result in increased organic rankings across a multitude of search platforms also. e.g Google reviews, Bing reviews, Independent Directory reviews, Trust Pilot reviews etc etc.

Ads Management Service Charge: This is the ongoing monthly cost for us to manage your Facebook Ad Words Campaigns. This is for the analytics and data aggregation, A/B testing, and constant monitoring of the campaigns. This will run every month until you stop it. We will of course update you regularly with reports on this.

Landing Page Creation: This is for us to create approximately 30 landing pages, this also is a one-off cost. If any more landing pages are required, we will discuss this with you first, but this is not usually the case.
We have estimated around 50 clicks per month, for now, we will cap the ad spend to £199 p/m, but we will have a discussion with you if this needs to be changed.
Ad spend fees will be paid directly to Facebook with your credit/debit card.

Depending on landing page conversion rates, we would estimate that from the 50 clicks you get per month, around 13 closures. Based on the average order values in your industry, your profits on 13 closures alone will be more than enough to cover your marketing costs.

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