Many blog posts follow a similar format, because yes indeed, there is a specific best way in which to create, write and publish a blog post.

This can generate larger visitor volumes over time.


The Best Article or Blog Composition Formula is:

Start with a good title or headline, if the title is not engaging enough many people may not continue reading your blog. A good way to create an engaging headline, check out other blog posts and even printed magazines etc in shops!

You can create multiple headline variations and ask people what they think.

Hook Readers In To Your Blog or Article:

It is possible to hook people into reading your full blog/ article by giving a good overview or synopsis.

Include good structure and sub headings so that people are able to initially skim the content to see if it is worth reading.

Prevent Reader Exhaustion:

Keep your paragraphs to five or six lines at maximum. This is because large bodies of text can be hard for people to read or cause reader exhaustion, they will disengage with the content and move off.

Link Externally and Internally

Your body content should link to your own content and also cite external authority websites. Website owners also like to be linked to and they can also be flattered when you link out to them. Not only this but they may share your article on social media such as Facebook, TwitterX etc.

Finish Your Article With a Conclusion and Question

Finish your post with a conclusion and a question which may generate a discussion and thus giving your article or blog web 2.0 generated content and thus more ranking power and reach.

What Do You Think?

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Best Article Blog Writing Tips Formula
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