Is Article Writing Worth It?

Ever since the dawn of the internet and with search engines such as “backscratch” (in the dial up days) which became instantly popular during the early days of the “first internet”, the commonly known “internet” itself has been primarily focused on sharing resources and information.

Of course as the internet has developed over time and search engines such as “backscratch” now commonly known as Google have become extremely commonplace in society, culture and embedded in the psyche of almost all modern (certainly western) societies; the demand for instantaneously delivered information from an information hungry population has been immense.

Although mobile applications have made ‘instant gratification’ short form videos, memes and internet dog skits “a thing” (and cats for you cat lovers out there).The internet is still predominantly focused in the area of providing relevant and informative content to the end user as was its original intent of resource sharing over a local intranet.

Do you need to build a house for yourself?

Whether you are performing a function at home or indeed actually building a home, video media and written informational blogs and articles are still the cornerstone of what makes the internet a modern day marvel. At no time in the past history of human kind have we had such a huge repository of information at our fingertips, in almost any location, with portability, to help empower our knowledge. Some 328.77 million terabytes of information uploaded daily!!!


In terms of answering whether article blog creation regularly for your website or blog is worth the effort, perhaps we should look in to it and what is the minimum required for adding ranking power and generating interest in your product, service and website etc.

From a technical perspective, if content is genuinely helpful and actively sought after by people in order to deliver the helpful information they require and easily shared with their friends and community, then we can begin to see the emerging benefit of having good quality content which is easily shareable and useful to the end reader.

Are you providing quality and value?

When people are sifting the internet for new and emerging information on subjects they are discovering, their behaviour on your article will be of utmost importance in terms of how a search algorithm will interpret your website or article URLs performance in search engine result pages.

Are you getting engagement?

If the information provided is neatly, clearly and concisely laid out, is easily readable and scannable (by the human eye; yes, this is how many of us read) in the first instance and yet delivers the information required without excessive fluff, waffle and padding, then that article may be subject to attaining the Gold Standard of internet algorithm measurements called “reach”.

What is reach all about?

We all know that social media is all about reach, sharing, liking and commenting; well articles are very much the same. If an article provides true and real value to a reader for whatever reason, they may share said article on social media apps. Also you may be promoting your articles on said platforms anyway. Even getting moderate sharing and what is commonly known as “engagement” on article posts, links and so forth on your affiliated website social media pages etc will result in a fairly impressive feedback loop to the algorithms and resultant ranking attribution.

It wasn’t so long ago that Twitter (TwitterX) “tweets” could easily result in a tweet appearing in G00gle searches on page one. Although this behaviour has been somewhat discontinued or modified these days, certain social media platforms boast what we commonly refer to as aggregation and also mirror websites, which can provide reach assist and URL sharing on independent domains outside of TwitterX, again improving “reach” and other ranking factors.

Future of search and A.I. in article writing?

Additionally now we have Chat GPT involved in some elements of search on certain search platforms, which essentially acts as an advanced artificially intelligent, conversational, interactive crawler (or algorithm merged) for existing internet content in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Obviously we have tested Chat GPT search engine technology and we can confidently say that it is not without its faults, in what you might describe as its Live Beta Testing Period.
Do we believe that A.I is a threat to humanity? Just pull out the plug and see.

But should or could I use Chat GPT or A.I to write articles?

We always have a good chuckle when we hear people mentioning that they use Chat GPT to “write website content”. When you have been in the business of search engines and their incremental development over the years you have an instinctual knowledge as well as objective view on some of these subjects. Would we consider it safe to cart blanche create website and article content using Chat GPT or any form of A.I?

In a word we would not advise having articles be written by any form of A.I and even Article Spinning should be considered with care, not anything we would indulge in.
The best analogy of asking Chat GPT to write your articles and content is tantamount to asking your school teacher to write out your homework (in the hope they won’t notice) and then have the headmaster (who has a photographic memory of all articles ever written on paper by exact student name) check the article for consistency.

Cut a long story short

Essentially as long as you are providing genuine, original and helpful information across the internet which is shareable it will most definitely benefit your business in the medium to long term whatever your niche, speciality or area of expertise.

Article Writing and Artificial Intelligence
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