“To ensure that your message is understandable to a global audience, you have to use simple language”

The easiest way to promote your business worldwide or globally is to create a professional website. You can create this website from any location. It is important that the message you are trying to deliver to your audience globally, must be perfect and should be understandable to the audience.

To ensure that your message is understandable to a global audience, you have to use simple language, which is related to their culture. Besides the language, there are many other points which you must follow to make your website effective for a global audience, especially an international audience. In this article there is discussion of the tips, or the ways to design a suitable and effective website for a global audience, especially an international audience.

  1. Make use of simple language: Most of the websites are written in English language and there are a lot of differences when you use the language internationally.
    You should not use Colloquial English, as it will not be of any use to an international audience and you should keep your language simple. Most of your audience make use of translation tools to understand the content, as they have English as their second language.
    These translation tools are not always able to translate the content correctly, so it changes the direction and meaning of the content. For example, Nova car has suffered a great drop in sales in Spain, because in Spain the word Nova means “Won’t Go”.
    This word changed the mentality of Spanish people towards the model and sales dropped. Hence, you should try to avoid using these translation tools for writing the content, as this may also give the wrong meaning to your products name.

  2. Fast loading of websites: It is important to have a fast loading website, while targeting the audience, but it becomes more important, when it comes to targeting international audiences. This is because, there can be some countries which don’t have the facility of broadband and they have to pay the charges for using the internet according to the number of minutes. Keeping this in mind, it is important to manage the loading time of the website.
    For this, you have to optimize your site and try to use less large file sized graphics or images, as it takes more time in loading and hence increases the loading time of each visit on the site.

  3. Consider the colors according to the culture: Colors are the essential element of your website as some people have strong cultural connotations.
    For example, there are some cultures in which green color represents greed but in U.S and U.K a green color represents eco friendly ethos.
    You will get confusion in using incorrect colours on your website, as the same color can have different representation or different meaning in different countries, having the opposite effect.
    Therefore, the solution to this problem is that you first select the target audience, based on the demographic area, the area which you consider the most important and then implement the colors on your website according to that particular location.

  4. Provide an efficient checkout procedure: You may get success in grabbing the attention of the audience, but to convert those visitors into customers, you have to provide them with an efficient checkout procedure so that they can purchase easily from your website.
    You must create the checkout forms in a simple and user friendly way.
    For example, don’t make use of zip codes because they only exist in United States and make sure that shipping options include international deliveries.

Summary: Designing a website is a sometimes difficult process when it comes to international audiences. That said, these tips should help you to design an effective website for a global audience and hence help you in increasing your ROI (Return on Investment) globally.

Author Bio :- Sabrina is an SEO Expert and carrying out SEO work for the last 2 years, He is working with SEO RANK SMART, It’s a good India based SEO Company.

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